Rocket volley by Donald Trump

Versions of the reasons and possible consequences of the American missile salvo on the Syrian airbase have been put forward for the past three days. Each of them considers a particular aspect of the problem. In some cases, an attempt is made to take into account most or all known factors. The more factors are taken into account, the faster the researcher of this event comes to the conclusion that it was not beneficial to anyone.

Why it is not beneficial to Russia and Syria is understandable. The United States once again sharply increased the conflict situation, virtually disrupted the already difficult negotiation process for an inter-Syrian settlement, and also came to the brink of direct confrontation with Russia. Not that there were no precedents in the history of the Syrian crisis at all. But, firstly, the missile attacks on the Russian ally have not come to this point. Secondly, for the last six months, since the last months of Obama, the United States has pursued a more balanced policy in Syria.

It is not advantageous for the missile bombardment of Syria and the Europeans. They are busy solving their complex internal problems. They have neither the will nor the opportunity to actively intervene in the situation. The aggravation in the Middle East, taking into account how it was furnished, sharply worsens US relations not only with Russia, but also with China, which means that the stability of global trade and economic stability in general are called into question. This, not to mention the millions of Syrian refugees who are able to find themselves on the European borders in case of aggravation of the conflict. This can not please the EU. Moreover, in case of growing confrontation, Europe will have to pay for US support.

The blow was not profitable, and the United States. First, he weakened Trump’s internal political positions. The rockets barely managed to fall, and his opponents – the globalist Democrats from the Clinton team – began to hypocritically resent the violation of international law and the deterioration of relations with Russia. But the main thing is not this. They charged Trump with the blame that he unleashed military action against a sovereign state that did not pose a threat to the US, without sanction and even without notification to the congress.

This is a gross violation of the constitution, which can be used as an excuse for impeachment. And Trump’s removal from power is the blue dream of globalists from the moment of his election. Soros even tried to organize a Maydan in February-March 2017, fraught with civil war in the United States. After the missile strike on Syria, Trump’s rating collapsed so sharply that the impeachment procedure would not cause the civil resistance that it could have triggered a month ago.

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The United States lost in the fact that only 23 of the 59 missiles reached the target, the Al-Shayrat base resumed full-fledged work in less than a day after being hit by it. I do not know what is worse for the US – the version that the ineffectiveness of a blow is related to the high efficiency of Russian EW weapons or the assumption that missiles are simply too old and unreliable. In any case, we are talking about a serious lag from Russia in the effectiveness of one of the main classes of weapons of the Navy and the Air Force, especially if we compare the results with the salvos of the Caliber.

Strange as it may seem, even the Islamists lost. The blatant ineffectiveness of the American strike, as well as the absence of any of its political consequences, prevented them not only to break the situation on their fronts in their favor, but even to achieve more or less noticeable political and diplomatic success.

So, everyone lost, but someone had to win? Let’s think about who was the ultimate beneficiary of this action.

We will reject the known facts. The fact that a missile strike is being prepared for Syria and that the provocation with chemical weapons will be the basis for it, the Western press wrote back in December 2016. That is, preparations for provocation were still under Obama. Perhaps it began when the administration hoped for the victory of Clinton. But the main stage of preparation took place after Trump’s election victory.

That is, the provocation was prepared by globalists and in the interests of globalists. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that not only and not so much Assad, as Trump, became the victim of her. In the end, it is he who is the main enemy who took the position of the US president from the Soros-Clinton clan. Asadom, they can do after they get rid of Trump.

It’s also no secret that in recent months Trump has got into a delicate situation, in connection with the accusation of himself and his team members in working for Russia. We, maybe, and it is ridiculous. But for American politicians, the accusation is serious.

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Finally, Trump sharply criticized Obama for not having reacted sufficiently to past accusations of using chemical weapons against Assad.

In such a situation, it would be foolish not to try and catch Trump in a ready-made provocation. So, the US president is told that Assad is again accused of using chemical weapons. At the same time, he is informed that, fortunately, just in this region there are two American destroyers equipped with cruise missiles that can smash some air base in Syria. Then they tell him that because of one airbase the Russians will not get into the bottle – they will express concern, but then it will be possible to remove all the concerns by diplomatic channels. And, finally, Trump is recommended to solve the missile strike issue as soon as the Democrats now deploy an information campaign and have the impression that he made a decision under their pressure.

It looks beautiful. Trump gives the order for a missile strike. And in the morning, those same hawks from the Clinton team, who six months ago openly threatened Russia with a nuclear war, begin to suffer over hopelessly ruined relations. In the press there is a lot of information that Assad, it is entirely possible in no way to blame. By the evening it turns out that 2/3 of the missiles did not understand where to go, and those that flew into the air did not understand where they were, because the base is functioning. At the same time, Congress expresses outrage that the president made a decision without consulting legislators.

Trump is in the second trap. Now, if he tries to drastically soften the position and remove the tension that has arisen in relations with Russia (and given the fact that at the time of the rocket attack, the visit to the US by Xi Jingping, then with China), he is accused of being specially , In collusion with Moscow, discredited the United States and undermined their position in the Middle East. And he began military operations without the sanction of the congress, thus violating the constitution. Further, the impeachment procedure starts with more than probable prison terms based on the results of the charges.

If he tries to lead the process, to become “holier than the Pope” and more hawkish than the most notorious hawks, he will further weaken his domestic political positions – former supporters will turn their back on him definitively, and opponents will remain opponents. In addition, he will be forced to lead a new “crusade” against Russia. By the way, for the time being he is on this way. Representatives of the Trump administration vied with each other to point out Moscow’s “guilt” in “Assad’s crimes.”

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And here is another interesting point. March 30, the final stage of obtaining permits for laying the “Nord Stream-2” began. If an unsuccessful missile strike can be turned into a powerful propaganda (political, diplomatic and informational) campaign, the question will arise: “Does the EU have the right to cooperate in laying Nord Stream 2 with Russia, which is accused of” aiding and abetting chemical attacks “.

Break the project, maybe they will not break, but it’s important even to just tighten it. In 2019, when the “Nord Stream-2” is planned to be commissioned, the term of the agreement between Gazprom and Ukraine on gas transit expires. Gazprom does not intend to extend the agreement. But, if the “Nord Stream – 2” by that time did not join the system, it will probably have to be extended. Moreover, Turkey has quite bitterly said that it is ready to participate in the US aggression against Syria, which means that the fate of the Turkish flow can also be far from problemless.

So, catching Trump in a trap with a pre-prepared provocation, the globalists have received excellent positions for the deployment of a foreign and counter-offensive foreign policy. And it’s not just about the Clinton team and not only about American elites. European globalists, who have been lonely silent for the last few months, have actively entered the campaign that has begun.

So, while we are not dealing with an open military blackmail, but politically the situation is even worse than if the Americans simply presented an ultimatum that can be rejected and let them try to start a nuclear war. As a result of the information and political campaign, Russia can incur real material losses, and the results of its successful actions in the last three years on the European track can be largely leveled.

However, the globalists have just started the game. The first move is made. Let’s see what will be the response of Russia. Not a formal official response to the provocation with rocket fire, but the response to customers, organizers and beneficiaries of this provocation. We have quite a lot of allies in Europe and the US, who are not at all interested in the events unfolding according to the plans of the globalists.

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