The Jackal era. Dispersion of terrorism

On March 22 in London, at the most tourist spot, Westminster Bridge, a terrorist rammed a crowd of people with a car. Then, after leaving the car, he tried to enter the parliament building. The policeman stabbed him with a knife. And only then he was shot. The terrorist was the native Englishman Khalid Masud, previously Adrian Russell Ajao. In the 1990s, he fought in Bosnia, where as part of Muslim detachments he killed Christian Serbs.

Khalid Masud is a vivid representative of the new social and psychological phenomenon of European shahidism, for which a conscious suicidal action is characteristic, both for the sake of some “higher goal” and in the absence of a clear awareness of it.

A few days after the series of attacks, on March 26, Moscow mass protests organized by supporters of the anti-Kremlin opposition. These events can not be called a terrorist attack, but it is still a protest. The protest, in many respects desperately suicidal (which in the realities of the Russian law enforcement system is by no means an exaggeration) and “shahid-like”, which makes it both with London and Naurskaya.

Shortly before the start of the March “bouquet” of terrorist attacks in Paris, there was an event almost unnoticed by the press. March 13 begins the trial of “grandfather of modern terrorism” Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez, better known as Carlos the Jackal.

The jackal in the 1970s committed many terrorist attacks. The theoretician and practitioner, for the sake of his “beloved cause”, he collaborated with various organizations from Islamic radicals to ultra-Communist Japanese “Red Brigades”. In 1994, the authorities of the Sudan issued the “king of terror” of France, where he alternately received two terms of life imprisonment. On March 13 of this year, a third court was opened for another of the many terrorist acts of the Shakala.

Before the arrest, the Jackal was an atheist communist, but in the end he became a Muslim, and even wrote the book “Revolutionary Islam” in 2003. With praise for bin Laden and the theses about the coming of a new “light era,” the combination of “communist revolutionism and Islam.”

With the help of the Jackal and many others, terrorism has now become pseudo-scientific. But “theory” has remained the lot of comparatively few, the “tree of life” of terror has blossomed itself and its numerous “fruits” can be seen everywhere, from Beslan to Marseille, London and Boston.

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The case of Shakala, Bin Laden, Basayev and the Tsarayev brothers began to live their own lives. Terror, moreover not only Islamic, divorced from the organizational and ideological basis, it is enough only to fix the direction and purpose.

Terrorist organizations such as IGIL (the organization is banned in the territory of the Russian Federation) are no longer only real objects, they become a “symbol of resistance”, a “protest motive”, a “spirit of action” for a multitude of single combatants becoming shahids.

The terrorist warrior in the modern world becomes a monad, nanopyll. But this dust eventually threatens to collapse the entire Judeo-Christian universe. And the threat, although it is the main one, goes not only from the side of radical Islam. Breivik and his admirers, newly-born Ukrainian extremists screaming “Moskals on knives” – this is a very specific social reality.

The ideology of terror in the modern world has become a vector, without a clear codification. In general, one should not speak of a crisis of ideologies, but of new forms of non-ideological social existence.

What the social ideology gave to an individual earlier: the universality and codification of individual life strategies, existential standardization and, to some extent, axiological clarity, all this is a thing of the past. This applies even to countries such as China and Japan, where traditional spiritual foundations have always been strong enough.

In the modern world, the phenomena of mass frustration are clearly visible. If we take Europe, this also applies to the vastly culturally disoriented mass of refugees and conditionally Christian autochthons.

Anomie reigns in the modern world. And it generates frustration, which generates deviance, including systemic and unsystematic terror. For an ordinary German burgher, especially after the “Cologne night”, it is difficult to understand now what is “normal” and “abnormal”?

Modern, similar to the recent London, suicidal terror is a consequence of the mass psychotization of society. At the same time, the phenomena of acts of terror as a kind of “social suicide” may well take on an epidemic character. An example is Ukraine.

The invasion of migrants into Europe is undoubtedly connected with terror. Not only with organized and guided radical Islamic organizations, but also with individual, “suicidal-unsystematic”.

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A modern European refugee-migrant is disoriented. What does modern Western society offer the migrant? Material comfort (recently relative) and complete discomfort in the spiritually-ideological plan .. All this is a fertile soil that leads to actions of a terrorist nature. Wandering in axiological fog, frustration, aggression without motives and goals are the destiny of the new European migrant.

For the Western world, not only the Nietzschean maxim “God died” became reality, but the very notion of the supermaterial spiritual being as such. Desacralization of everything and everything (except for money, of course).

Breivik became a manifestation of terrorist frustration from another, anti-Islamic, end. So was Dominic Vener. For them both were characterized by insane attempts to save the Christian-social tradition. Death and murder as a protest against the irreligious, de-aspirated, desacralized Western world.

Breivik and Venus tried to draw attention to the problem of the anomie of Western society, to the disappearance of spiritual indietary bonds in it.

In modern Europe (and even in Russia) a lot of questions of “higher order” have accumulated. How to explain to the average person the legitimacy of the state and social system where the generally accepted value-based coordinate system actually ceased to exist?

Or what will happen to Europe if the “single-hearted suicide” will lose its desire for spectacularity and become a “quiet” urban partisan, and thousands and thousands of “Jihad warriors” will open up the universal “invisible front”?

It is no longer a secret that a comprehensive, including a terrorist, war is both against Russia and against the Judeo-Christian civilization as such. But most of the “powers that be” do not even have an attempt to answer “sick questions”. There is a squint of eyes, a fear to look into the depths of the abyss. The Age of Aquarius leaves. The era of the Jackal comes.

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