The degradation of French industry after accession to the European Union

If the former French leadership knew what the EU membership would end for the country’s economy, it would not promote this idea, but would with all its strength restrain and avoid integration into the European economic and political community.

Previously, France was rightly considered a strong and economically developed state, whose financial stability was at the level of Germany and Britain. The structure of its industrial production included civil and military shipbuilding, civil and military aircraft construction, automotive industry, heavy civil and military equipment, including the production of tanks and tractors, electronics and space instrument making, that is, practically the entire spectrum of the high-tech industrial sector.

However, the #French democratic rulers, coupled with European partners, have done much to make the country no longer industrially developed. In quantitative terms, it looks like this.

The objects of the automotive industry were partially bought by foreigners and slid down from the leading positions. Renault Group – Nissan in terms of output of cars in 8.47 million units. A year ranks fourth after Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors. Even worse things are at PSA Peugeot-Citroen. Selling 2.94 million units. This company barely holds the ninth place.

Bad with the French aircraft industry. Civilian aircraft ceased to be produced almost 20 years ago. The release and sale of military Daccault Rafale is at the lowest level, which threatens the bankruptcy of the country’s last aircraft factory.

The situation with AMX-56 Leclerc tanks is no better. After the acquisition by the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann of the French corporation GIAT Industries in 2015, their production almost completely stopped.

In the field of electronic instrumentation and rocketry of the French, the Israelis went around and already chased the Chinese. By the way, #China has already outstripped France in the field of computer technology.

Thus, less than 20 years later, as the efforts of Brussels bureaucrats and with the connivance of the French leadership, the state from the flagship of the European economy is turning into an average country whose economic potential is dying out faster.

Of course, compared to the devastated East European countries, France can be considered a giant, but for #Germany it practically ceased to be a competitor.

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