Is there a future for Uber?

Uber lost the president. Jeff Jones resigned only six months after being appointed to this post. Experts call the dismissal of the top manager yet another indication of the difficult situation in which the service turned out to be.

Jeff Jones said that it was incompatible with the Uber brand: its methods and approaches are too different from those adopted in the company. According to some sources, the reason for the resignation may be more prosaic – the head simply was offended that he was not offered to take on the new post of chief operating officer.

In any case, the task to improve the image of the service that faced Jones proved to be very difficult. Recently, Uber has been scandalous: the company was accused of sexism, employees complained about the harassment of managers, and the founder of Uber Travis Kalanik had to apologize for arguing with one of the drivers about the tariffs.

Despite the explosive growth of the company in the international market, its prospects are now being cautiously cautious, said analyst of the management company Alfa-Capital Andrei Schenk. “This is an interesting business model. But not so much time has passed to evaluate its strategic correctness. Still, while Uber remains a company that is not estimated as a start-up, but as still a high-risk investment. Among similar high-tech stories there are like successful examples, and not very “, – he said.

Uber is often called the most expensive start-up in the world. Its value is estimated at more than $ 60 billion. At the same time, the company incurs huge losses. According to Bloomberg, over the past year, it could have lost about $ 3 billion. But it’s not worth worrying that Uber will “burst”, I’m sure the director of the analytical department of Golden Hills-Capital AM Mikhail Krylov. “Uber can not be called a” soap bubble “, because the growth in value is justified by the growth in revenue. Three-digit revenue growth distinguishes Uber from other similar services. With a high probability share after the IPO, the company can attract at least $ 68 billion, “he said.

The strength and weakness of Uber in his pricing policy. The company is forced to keep low rates

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