Uber in the trillion market

According to Columbia University, 9,000 Ubon drone can fully meet the needs of New Yorkers in a taxi. Estimated time of arrival is 36 seconds. The cost is half a dollar per mile. On such terms, the use of such a service is more profitable than buying your own car. It’s more interesting.

Uber is estimated at $ 41 billion. With an average car cost of $ 25,000, the company only needs $ 4.3 billion to replace the 171,000 taxis in the US.

To date, the world has about 3.5 billion car owners. In the long term, PwC predicts a 99% reduction in the national fleet. In 2015, about 73 million passenger cars were produced.

The most piquant is that, in addition to car industry and taxis, it will affect the 100-million car loan industry, a 200-billion-dollar auto insurance sector, a 100-billion-dollar parking market and a 300-billion secondary auto market.

I remember how in 2007 Steve Jobs said that if the iPhone takes 1% of the market, then it will be good. And Uber despite the billions of losses is difficult to call a bubble. It’s not just about taxis. Dads from Goldman Suchs and others know how much they can scrape together with friends and what they “fold”. The question is only in the time frames and technologies. Terribly interesting is the result.

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