United Airlines Loses Capital

The capitalization of United Airlines declined by more than $ 750 million after an incident with a passenger who, because of a shortage of seats, was dragged out of the plane by security officers. This is reported portal Gizmodo.

The value of the shares of the carrier during the trading session on April 11 dropped from 22.5 billion to 21.7 billion dollars.

For league laziness: The incident occurred at the Chicago airport before flying to the city of Louisville (Kentucky) on April 9. Passengers were told that it was necessary to vacate seats for four United Airlines employees. No one expressed a desire to do so, even in exchange for compensation, after which the four selected people were asked to leave. One of the passengers refused to obey the requirements, as a result, the guards dragged him out, taking him by the hand.

On the video posted on the network on April 10 and 11, a video from the plane’s saloon shows that the man has a broken face.

The Chicago Aviation Administration is currently investigating the incident. One of the guards, who removed the passenger from the flight, was temporarily suspended from work. United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz (Oscar Munoz) called the event discouraging.

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