• The Jackal era. Dispersion of terrorism

    On March 22 in London, at the most tourist spot, Westminster Bridge, a terrorist rammed a crowd of people with a car. Then, after leaving the car, he tried to enter the parliament building. The policeman stabbed him with a knife. And only then he was shot. The terrorist was the native Englishman Khalid Masud, […]

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  • Western goals in the mirror of anti-Russian sanctions

    The “Tomahawks” in Syria have buried an optimistic scenario of Russian-American relations. And the pessimistic scenario could have been foreseen on March 31, when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the Ukraine-NATO commission laid all the blame for Russia for the crisis in the Donbass. Under this speech, his predecessor, John Kerry, could easily subscribe: […]

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  • Rocket volley by Donald Trump

    Versions of the reasons and possible consequences of the American missile salvo on the Syrian airbase have been put forward for the past three days. Each of them considers a particular aspect of the problem. In some cases, an attempt is made to take into account most or all known factors. The more factors are […]

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