• In Somalia, the secret services mistakenly shot the minister

    Somalia’s public works minister, 31-year-old Abdullahi Sheikh Abas, was shot dead by security forces who mistook him for an armed Islamist, the country’s authorities say. The minister was killed in his car next to the presidential palace in Mogadishu, the capital of the country. In connection with the emergency, the President of the country Mohamed […]

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  • Militants tried to attack the NATO convoy in Kabul

    Three people were killed, 15 were injured in an explosion in Kabul. It is reported that near the US Embassy there was an explosion, presumably, it was arranged by a suicide bomber. According to media reports, the target of the attack was the NATO convoy.

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  • Donald Trump filed charges because of his low popularity

    Donald Trump accused “fake media” in his low popularity. Recall, the level of approval by the society of the current US president after 100 days in office was the lowest since 1945. The survey showed that only 42% of Americans surveyed positively evaluate the work of the owner of the White House, while 53% do […]

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