Ukraine will receive $ 150 million from the World Bank

The World Bank (WB) provided Ukraine with a loan of $ 150 million to support export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses, Tsargrad reported.

According to Satu Kakonen, Director of the World Bank for Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, “the country has great potential, but serious obstacles to exports remain, including access to credit for small and medium-sized enterprises.”

The lending program will be implemented by Ukreximbank, which will provide sub-loans to member banks. The allocated funds will go to projects in such sectors as water supply, heating, energy, road construction, social protection and health care.

Recall that just as April 8 Kakonen accused Kiev of the irrational outlay of the funds that the World Bank provides to it. According to her, the hindered activity of Kiev hampers the rapid implementation of projects.

On March 29, the leadership of the World Bank (WB) postponed the approval of a new credit project for Ukraine.

In April this year, the World Bank reported a deterioration in the forecast for inflation in Ukraine. According to experts, inflation in the country will reach 10%.

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