In Libya after the shootout captured Ukrainian tanker

“Libyan naval forces seized two ships suspected of smuggling oil from this North African country,” the TSN website said on Saturday, citing Libya’s Navy spokesman Ayub Kasem.

According to him, before the seizure of the ships for several hours, the exchange of fire continued.

“The clashes lasted 3 hours, but two tankers were successfully captured,” Kasem said.

One of the ships seized by the Libyan authorities was the tanker “Ruta”, which was flying the flag of Ukraine. The second detained vessel under the name “Stark” – under the flag of an unidentified African country. The detention took place in the Sidi Said area west of Libyan capital Tripoli.

The detention of Ukrainian ships is regular. In particular, on April 6 Crimean border guards detained a Ukrainian fishing vessel “Fisherman of Kherson”, which violated the state border. Ukrainian seamen do not enter the territorial waters of Russia for the first time. July 23, 2015 Crimean border guards detained in Russian territorial waters Ukrainian tanker with oil and fuel oil, for which there was no necessary documentation.

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