US declared its readiness to attack North Korea

The State Department sent a notification to Japan. Tokyo in response made it clear that it is not interested in a military solution to the problem.

If China does not force the DPRK to curtail its nuclear missile program, the United States will attack North Korea. The US State Department has notified Japan about this, Kyodo reports.

It is noted that this notification is dated to the beginning of April. The agency’s source in the State Department noted that there are only two options: either Beijing is increasing pressure on Pyongyang, or the US is being hit.

This information aroused the concern of official Tokyo. Here they are concerned that North Korea’s retaliatory military actions can strike Japan and South Korea.

The Japanese government made it known that it intends to ensure the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula through diplomatic measures. To the military solution of the problems connected with the DPRK, Tokyo does not aspire, specifies Kyodo.

Earlier, North Korean media reported that in response to US aggression, the country’s authorities are ready to strike a nuclear strike.

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