Donald Trump filed charges because of his low popularity

Donald Trump accused “fake media” in his low popularity. Recall, the level of approval by the society of the current US president after 100 days in office was the lowest since 1945. The survey showed that only 42% of Americans surveyed positively evaluate the work of the owner of the White House, while 53% do not approve of his work.

“Today’s new polls are very good, given that most media are fake and almost always negative, I would still beat Hillary Clinton by the number of votes cast,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, the American leader refused to participate in the dinner of the Association of Correspondents under the White House, dedicated to 100 days of his rule. “Please wish everyone a good and wonderful evening!”, Trump said in social networks. At the same time, he makes it clear that not all the media are against him, but only those that oppose his policy.

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