Something about animals or the penguins revolution is on the way

If Trump thinks that Assad is an animal, how then will the US president call his country ?!

The country that set up the atomic explosion in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A country that destroyed civilians and used chemical and bacteriological in Korea and Vietnam. The country that suppressed the uprising in Haiti. The country that backed Saddam when he gasped Iran.

Uruguay. American military assistance in the coup, which led to total terror throughout the country.

Zaire. The government receives military support, the US goal is to seize the country’s natural resources. America is not embarrassed that Mobutu Sese Seko, the country’s leader, appropriates all the money (1.4 million), as it does not confuse her and the fact that he actively uses torture, throws opponents into prisons without trial, robs the starving population, etc. .

1966 – Guatemala. Americans lead to power their puppet Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegro. The US troops entered the country, massacres of Indians were organized, which were considered potential rebels. Entire villages are being destroyed, napalm is actively used against peaceful peasants. Throughout the country, people disappear, torture is actively used, which the American specialists trained the local police.

1966 – military assistance to the pro-American governments of Indonesia and the Philippines. Despite the brutality of the repressive regime of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines (60,000 people were arrested for political reasons, the government officially employed 88 torture specialists), George Bush Sr. later praised Marcos for his “adherence to democratic principles.”

1967 – when the Americans saw that George Popandreous could win an election in Greece, they supported a military coup that for six years plunged the country into terror. Actively applied torture, the murder of political opponents George Papadopoulos (who was, by the way, an agent of the CIA, and before that fascist). In the first month of his reign, he executed 8,000 people. America admitted to supporting this fascist regime only in 1999.

1968 – Bolivia. Hunting for the detachment of the famous revolutionary Chegevara. The Americans wanted to take him alive, but the Bolivian government was so afraid of international protest (Chegevara became a cult figure even during his lifetime) that he preferred to kill him as soon as possible.

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1970 – Uruguay. American experts on torture teach their skills to local fighters for democracy in order to combat the anti-American opposition.

1971 – 1973 – the bombing of Laos. More bombs were dropped on this country than on fascist Germany. In the beginning of February. 1971, US-Saigon troops (30 thousand people), with the support of US aircraft, invaded South Vietnam to the territory of South Laos. Elimination of the popular ruler of the country – Prince Sahounek, who was replaced by the American puppet Lol Nola, who immediately sent his troops to Vietnam.

1975 – 2003 – East Timor. In December 1975, a day after the departure of US President Ford of Indonesia, which became the most valuable instrument of the United States in Southeast Asia, Suharto’s military with the blessing of the US invaded the island and used American weapons in this aggression. By 1989, Indonesian troops, with the goal of forcibly annexing Timor, killed 200,000 people. From its 600-thousand population. The United States supports Indonesia’s claims to Timor, supports this aggression and diminishes the scale of the bloodshed on the island.

1980 – Cambodia. Under pressure from the United States, the World Food Program is providing Thailand with $ 12 million worth of products, which go to the Khmer Rouge, the previous government of Cambodia, which is responsible for the destruction of 2.5 million people in 4 years of rule. In addition, America, the Federal Republic of Germany and Sweden supply the supporters of Pol Pot with arms through Singapore, the Khmer Rouge bands have been terrorizing Cambodia for another 10 years since the fall of their regime.

1980 – Italy. As part of Operation Gladio America arranges an explosion at the Bologna railway station, 86 people die. The goal is to discredit the Communists in the upcoming elections.

1980 – South Korea. With the support of the Americans, thousands of demonstrators in the city of Kwangju were killed. The protest was directed against the use of torture, mass arrests, falsified elections and personally against the American puppet Chun Doo Hwan. Years later, Ronald Reagan told him that he “did a lot to maintain the five-thousand-year tradition of commitment to freedom.”

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1988 – The CIA arranges an explosion of the Pan American company over Scotland, hundreds of Americans were killed. This incident was attributed to Arab terrorists. It turned out that such fuses are manufactured in America and sold exclusively to the CIA, not to Libya. However, America for so many years pressed on Libya economic sanctions (while conducting unobtrusive bombardment of cities from time to time), that she decided to “admit” her guilt in 2003.

In the same year – the invasion of American troops in Honduras, to protect the terrorist movement “contras”, which for many years attacked from there to Nicaragua. The troops have not left Honduras to this day.

At the same time, the US military vessel Vincennes, located in the Persian Gulf, was struck down by an Iranian plane carrying 290 passengers aboard, among which 57 children.

Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine …

All of the above – drops in the sea of ​​crimes committed by the United States. On the map, there are practically no places where American “democracy” has not left its bloody trail!

For all of its history, the United States almost every year (!!!) somewhere arranged a revolution, provocation, intervention, coup and genocide !!! They even reached Australia, dropping in 1975 the democratically elected Prime Minister Edward Whitlam. Perhaps, it remains only to crush the penguins’ revolt at the South Pole and it is possible to file a Guinness record.

And instead of wringing hands and discussing the “scoundrel” Asad, the Trump family should reread the list of crimes of their own country and determine their attitude to these events.

But today, remember about the “exploits” of the US Trump for some reason in no hurry. On the contrary, having put on the suit of the “conscience of the world”, America is trying its best to designate its purity, honesty, thirst for justice and peace throughout the world!

That same country, whose victims have become tens of millions of people! A country that has shed human blood throughout the history of the SEA.

And this despite the fact that today half of the planet is engulfed by the conflagrations of war, blown up by the Americans.

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But, of course, who, not the founding fathers of IGIL, today has the exclusive right to talk about the moral image of the presidents of other countries legally elected by their people, but such inconvenient for the White House.

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