Trump Jr. reminded the stars of their promise to leave the US

Donald Trump Jr. (the eldest son of the US president) reminded American show business stars that they were going to leave the country if his father won the election of the head of state.

“French celebrities supporting the left say they will move to Canada if Marin Le Pen wins the election.How could I already hear it? I’m still waiting for all those celebrities who promised to do the same thing will leave! !! ” – he wrote on his page on Twitter, responding to a comment of one of the bloggers.

During the election campaign, many artists, musicians and writers threatened to leave the US in case of a victory for Donald Trump. In particular, actress and writer Lina Dunham, comedian Amy Schumer, actor Samuel Jackson, actress and singer Barbara Streisand, singer Cher, film director John Stewart was going to do so, TASS recalls. However, in reality, no one fulfilled their promises.

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