International Court of Justice may take action against Ukraine

The International Court of Justice in the case of Ukraine against Russia may impose temporary restrictions on the Ukrainian side.

The UN court can oblige Ukraine to respect the rights of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine and the Donbass, because Russia has submitted to The Hague documents referring to the harassment of the Russian-speaking population by Kiev.

“It is likely that the judges will remind both Moscow and Kiev of the inadmissibility of supporting terrorist activities, no matter who it may come from,” the article reads.

It also says that the court can take into account not only the “militia” of militias named by Kiev, but also the Ukrainian national battles. This means that “Kiev will have to convince the Hague that the reform of the bounties has been completed, and the perpetrators of the law are punished regardless of whether they have military experience.”

Lawyer Gnatovsky notes that the UN Court has repeatedly stressed that it has the authority to take temporary measures, partially or completely different from those requested by the state.

In January 2017, Ukraine sued the UN International Court of Justice to bring Russia to justice for “acts of terrorism” and discrimination during the illegal “aggression” against Ukraine. In March, a representative of Ukraine in the UN court said that he did not consider the Donbas militia “terrorists”. In addition, the Russian Foreign Ministry has accused Ukraine of lying under oath. According to the representative of the department, Ukraine is trying to deceive the UN International Court of Justice about the real causes of the tragedy in the Donbass.

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