Maduro accused the US of trying to destabilize the situation in Venezuela

The President of Venezuela believes that the international forces headed by the State Department “ordered an attack on the revolutionary government, on the institutions of power” of the country.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the US of trying to destabilize the situation in this South American country. The head of state made a corresponding statement on Tuesday during a speech broadcast by TeleSUR.

“Undoubtedly, we have faced the most criminal and brutal in recent years onslaught against peace, democracy and the constitution of Venezuela. All these days, all these weeks, we have been dealing with a conspiracy, with the onslaught of international forces led by the State Department and other US government agencies that ordered an attack on the revolutionary government, on Venezuelan power institutions to provoke an imperialist invasion and plunge our country into a new slavery “, Said Maduro.

The Venezuelan leader accused the chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) of the country, Julio Borges, of being involved in this conspiracy. Maduro also said that the authorities detained armed provocateurs, who on Wednesday, April 19, were to attack the participants in anti-government demonstrations in order to provoke the riots.

Venezuela in April was confronted with an aggravation of the political crisis caused by the decisions of the Supreme Court. He gave President Nicolas Maduro powers to act in fact bypassing the parliament, and also announced that he assumes the functions of the National Assembly. Later, the highest judicial body followed the call of the Security Council of the country and revised the decision regarding the performance of its parliamentary functions.

Nevertheless, the incident led to mass protests, which turned into riots and clashes with the police.

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