Marin Le Pen wants to return the franc within two years after the election

The candidate for the presidency of France from the party “National Front” Marin Le Pen hopes to return to circulation in the country for two years the franc.

As reported by Reuters, in an interview to which the politician made a statement, “Le Pen hopes that the French people in two years will have in their pockets a national currency.”

She noted that “the national currency will better protect the accumulation of the French.” According to Le Pen, the French “establishment” wants to “intimidate” voters with the idea that the situation will develop differently.

On Sunday, April 23, the first round of presidential elections was held in France. 11 candidates applied for the post of head of state. According to the final data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to the results of the first round, the leader of the Vperyod movement, ex-Minister of the Economy of the country Emmanuel Macron scored 24.01% of the vote, the candidate from the National Front party Marin Le Pen – 21.3%. They went to the second round, which will be held on May 7.

According to a poll by OpinionWay, published Tuesday, Macron in the second round will win over Le Pen with a 60% of the vote, up from 40%.

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