North Korea announced its readiness to respond to the US attack

In Pyongyang, it is believed that the dispatch of the American air group to the Korean Peninsula proves the aggressive intentions of the United States, to which North Korea is ready to respond. As RIA Novosti reports, the corresponding statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan was distributed by the agency ZTAC.

The department noted that the direction of the nuclear aircraft carrier “Karl Vinson” to the water area off the coast of the peninsula proves that the scenario of the US invasion of the DPRK has reached a serious phase.

“If the US dares to make a choice in favor of military operations, shouting slogans about” preventive strike “and” the destruction of staffs, “the DPRK is ready to react in any form of military action desired by the US,” the Foreign Ministry stressed.

The statement also emphasizes that the DPRK does not beg for peace, but is always “ready to defend itself by force of arms.”

On Monday, April 10, it was reported that the United States unexpectedly deployed a strike group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Karl Vinson to the shores of South Korea. Initially, it was planned that he should go to the ports of Australia.

Minister for National Unification of South Korea, Hon Jon Pyo later on the same day expressed concern about the possibility of pre-emptive strike of the Americans on the facilities in the DPRK.

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