The 150,000-strong Chinese army moved to the borders of the DPRK

Beijing, fearing the implementation of the threats of Donald Trump to North Korea and the probability of a strike against Pyongyang, sends troops to the border of the DPRK numbering 150 thousand people, according to the Russian dialogue, referring to the South Korean portal Chosun.

The 150,000-strong Chinese army moved to the borders of the DPRK

According to the resource, “China’s concern is caused by the recent attack by the United States of cruise missiles on Syria and the emergence of a new round of tension in relations between Washington and Pyongyang after the next test of the DPRK ballistic missile.”

150 thousand people of the Chinese army personnel moved to the border with the DPRK exclusively from the humanitarian mission. Beijing does not exclude a large number of refugees after a possible preemptive strike by the United States, moving a group of military personnel in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the article said.

It is assumed that the Chinese troops will be located along the Yalu River, along which the border between the two states runs. To provide first aid to refugees, medical units and field hospitals will also be transferred to the border.

Recall, the Korean Peninsula is sent to the shock group of the US Navy, led by the aircraft carrier “Karl Vinson.” This step of the Pentagon caused not only Beijing to worry, but also the US allies in the region.

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