The opposition of Turkey will dispute results of a referendum

The opposition Turkish Republican People’s Party (RPP) declared intention to dispute results of a referendum following the results of most of which of residents of the country voted for amendments in the constitution.

The party declared violations in a voting process because of which it demands to dispute its results. RNP demands recalculation of 60% of voices.

The day before in Turkey there took place the referendum on change of the constitution, on it 18 amendments were taken out. In particular, they concern expansion of powers of the president of the country and transition from parliamentary to the presidential republic.

As reported the Turkish news agency “Anadolu”, following the results of calculation of 99,97% of bulletins for introduction of amendments to the constitution 51,41% (25 million 156 thousand 860) which voted spoke against changes — 48,59% (23 million 777 thousand 014). The appearance on a referendum made 86%. At the same time, residents of three largest cities of Turkey — Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir — voted against amendments.

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