West believes Fakes: Russia is ready for new sanctions G7

The head of the British Foreign Ministry, Boris Johnson, intends to demand that his G7 counterparts tighten sanctions against Russia. But experts say that there is nothing surprising here, and Russia is ready for such a turn of events.

New sanctions from Johnson

Johnson intends at the next summit to press the joint statement of the “Big Seven”, according to which, in connection with the Idliba-related hematoma, Russia will be required to stop supporting the Syrian President Bashar Assad and withdraw the troops from the country. This is reported by the publication Times. If Moscow refuses to comply with the requirements of the G7, the West intends to introduce new sanctions against Russia in addition to those already in force.

Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts PFUR Nikita Danyuk, believes such a scenario is likely. “But the main role in the decision to impose new sanctions will not be played by Britain, but by the United States. According to the US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley, President Donald Trump is already considering a variant with anti-Russian sanctions, implying the imposition of new sanctions lists and tools.

On the other hand, we have an international platform within the framework of the UN Security Council, which should engage in a detailed investigation into what happened in Idlib. The point is that this completely objective investigation of the ties between the government troops of Assad and the chemical attack was not conducted. Accordingly, the arguments on which our Western colleagues are based are reduced to some new top-secret evidence that they are not going to represent to the world community.

We are witnessing another round of information campaign. Most likely, the so-called opposition or certain terrorist groups are involved in the chemical attack in Idlib, because there are no chemical weapons on the territory of government troops. International commissions since 2013 have repeatedly confirmed this fact. It turns out that the West thanks to the monopoly in the information space is trying to link the image of Assad with chemical weapons, “the expert explains.

The US strategy and the role of fakes

In the opinion of our interlocutor, the Syrian troops are already winning on many fronts, and using chemical weapons seems an illogical step. The West does not abandon attempts to accuse the Syrian regime of illegitimacy and violation of civil rights. Any excuse for everything else will be used to prolong or even tighten sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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“In this situation, not facts or evidence, but intentions, are important. Apparently, our Western colleagues, including the United States, have a clear strategy in relation to the Russian Federation, which consists in the continuation of information and sanctions pressure, as well as opposition in international institutions.

All this confirms that there are no positive trends towards the Russian Federation and the US. Trump opted for a stable position in the US political establishment instead of reforming foreign policy and reviewing his strategy. Now Washington operates in the same fairway as the Obama team.

As for the European states, there is nothing surprising. “Seven” is a club of interests, where the US opinion is decisive. If the US supports the initiative of Boris Johnson, then we can wait for new sanctions. But imposing them without a normal investigation, without concrete facts and evidence, negates the professionalism and our normal attitude towards the Western states. Based on fakes and on unsubstantiated arguments, it is not right to take such steps towards the state, which really struggles with international terrorism. Unfortunately, in these realities we exist, but we will continue to struggle, “- sums up Danyuk.

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