Catalonia can achieve independence unilaterally

The authorities of the Spanish region of Catalonia do not exclude the possibility of declaring independence from Madrid unilaterally. This will happen if Spain does not agree to hold a referendum on the withdrawal of autonomy from the state. This perspective is seen by the leader of the party “Left Republicans of Catalonia” Oriol Junkeras.

According to him, quoted by the Spanish media, this way of gaining independence is possible after the majority of the supporters of the Catalonia majority in the local parliament have gained independence. Now in the regional legislative assembly, 72 out of 135 mandates belong to the coalition, which stands for independence from Madrid.

Recall, on October 6, 2016, the Catalan parliament approved a resolution to hold a plebiscite on secession from Spain, but the Constitutional Court of the country annulled this document. At the same time, there are no provisions in the Spanish Constitution allowing autonomies to hold referenda without the consent of the central authorities.

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