In Paris, a march of prostitutes in defense of clients

In Paris, a march of prostitutes. French representatives of the oldest profession held an action to protect their customers.

They protested against the law approved last year regarding large fines for individuals who use the services of prostitutes. March, in which over 150 “priestesses of love” took part, began at Pigal Square, which until the middle of the last century was the location of dozens of large brothels. During the speech at the rally, which took place on the Republic Square, the persons representing the trade union of prostitutes noted that the new law caused catastrophic consequences.

Because of the sharp decline in the level of profitability, prostitutes have to settle for the very different demands of a few clients. The result of this was that women became more likely to be infected with AIDS and other diseases, beaten. Note that in France since April last year, the law operates, according to which clients of prostitutes must pay a fine in the amount of 1,5-3,75 thousand euros. Over the past year, more than 800 people have been brought to justice.

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