Russians gradually lose interest in “Eurovision”

Over the past eight years, the proportion of those who are going to watch the finale of the contest live has decreased by six percent.

“Eurovision” is becoming less popular with Russian viewers, but they do not want to completely abandon it. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion.

According to recent studies, slightly more than half of Russians (51 percent) are positive about this contest. However, another eight years ago – in 2009 – 56% of respondents positively responded to the “Eurovision”. On the contrary, the share of negativity over the same period has more than doubled – 12 percent in 2017 against five in 2009. Another 27 percent of the survey participants give the contest neutral evaluations. Disapproval is more likely to be expressed by men (18 percent) and 45-59-year-olds (17 percent).

The broadcast of the final of “Eurovision-2017” is planned to be watched by 41 percent of respondents (in 2009 – 47 percent). At the same time, the potential audience consists mainly of women (52 percent), people 60 years and older (52 percent). In general, interest in this musical competition in our country has significantly decreased over the past years: if in 2009 37% of respondents did not plan to follow the final, then in 2017 – 54%.

Despite the difficult relationship between Russia and Ukraine, 64 percent of those polled spoke for the participation of the Russian contestant at the Eurovision contest, which will be held in Kiev. The share of those who are sure of the need to boycott the contest is 30 percent.

We add that 1200 respondents aged 18 years took part in the survey. According to VTsIOM data, the error of data does not exceed 3.5 percent.

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