How did you manage to provoke in me, Ukrainians to the core, hatred for everything Ukrainian?
I am Ukrainian, without any mixture in my blood. In the family only Ukrainians. Such
People like me, bitch Farion, called the title nation.
I had two grandmothers. In the house of one of the grandmothers was a desk book – poems by Taras Shevchenko. My grandmother taught me poems and should be said successfully. In the first grade, I knew half the verses from this book. Teachers made themselves fun. They put me on the table in the teachers’ room, at the break, and I read to KATERIN. I read it with a tragedy in my voice, with an expression. It was probably funny, because the teachers sobbed with laughter.

The second grandmother was intelligent, quiet. She embroidered all the time, making carpets on a verstat, which was not less than a hundred years old. At the wedding my grandmother gave me an embroidered towel and embroidery. Parents played in amateur Ukrainian theater. All rehearsals and performances I spent behind the scenes. From the first class I knew by heart “Kaydasheva sіm * I”, “I want to roar with will, yak jasla ponny.”
My family respected all Ukrainian traditions, sang Ukrainian songs on all holidays, at home they spoke only in Ukrainian. She graduated from the Ukrainian school. While studying at the institute was in St. Petersburg. First of all she visited the Academy of Arts, looked at Shevchenko’s coursework, was in the room where he lived, at the academy. I know everything about Shevchenko, at least not less than the current Shevchenko scholars. The material was collected in small pieces.
I love Ukrainian literature no less than Russian. We were taught this way. It was a shame not to read. It was a shame not to know two languages. My home library is small, about 300 books, but only those … that I read. Half of them are in Russian, the second half is in Ukrainian.

Why am I telling all this in detail?

I want to ask the Nazis, who came to power after the American Maidan:
How did you manage, in such a short time, after all the movements that were directed at raising the national idea, national spirit, patriotism, to cause me allergic to the Ukrainian flag, anthem, embroidered?
How did you manage to provoke in me, Ukrainians to the core, hatred for everything Ukrainian?
Not even hatred, or rather, fucking shame for the country?
How did you manage to destroy all the living, national, that was in it?
How did you manage, in a few months, to turn my Ukraine into a camp of disheveled, disenfranchised, poor, embittered people?
Who gave you the right to decide the fate of the country on the Maidan, and not at the elections?
Who are you, bitches? Take off the mask! Russians are worried for us more than we are for ourselves.

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A true Ukrainian will not do what will harm his homeland. A true Ukrainian will not rejoice at the deaths of thousands of civilians.
Gentlemen, you are beasts, gentlemen! You will be damned by your country!
Ukrainian. Brovchenko Irina Vladimirovna.

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