TV presenter was fired for working as a prostitute

The girl said she needs money and does not see anything wrong with additional earnings.

The leadership of the popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina TV channel Pink dismissed the presenter because she works as a prostitute.

26-year-old Senada Nurich confessed that she was working as a prostitute, “to survive,” and said she did not see anything wrong with that. However, the head of the TV channel, on which the girl was leading an entertaining show, decided otherwise.

“Despite the fact that the program was entertaining, without the intention to insult or humiliate anyone and had good ratings, the channel’s management decided to close it,” Pink said.

As Nurich herself says, she asks for about $ 500 for regular sex with a man, about $ 1000 for a group sex. For help, it is mostly businessmen who turn to it. A meeting is arranged in the apartment of a man.

– Basically, my clients are handsome. Some girls can only dream about it, I swear to you. In addition, they pay me big money, give expensive gifts, for example, perfume or underwear, – says the girl.

However, the fact that prostitution in the country is illegal and strictly punished, does not frighten the TV star at all.

“My young man is a politician, he will not allow my arrest.” He will protect me in any case, – Nurich assured.

TV presenter was fired for working as a prostitute

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