War and negros

In the US, almost every city has a street of Martin Luther King, a famous fighter for the rights of the black population. It’s like our street of Lenin. When my sister moved to live in the US, her new family warned that on this street a population with a different skin color appears rarely. And if you drive by car, you must always close all windows and lock the doors. These streets were occupied by African-Americans and most often from the lowest strata. Therefore, there are often robberies. Can really throw you out of the car like in GTA, or steal something through the window.
Another told that to sell a house on the street where wealthy Americans live, a realtor can be banned by neighbors if the buyers are black.
Since if the blacks call, prices for neighboring houses will drop heavily.
I asked why?
The answer was – and you would like to be your neighbors were gypsies. In addition, a small family can buy a house. But a month later a whole camp from Alabama moves to live in it. After that, a lot of garbage appears on the site, and things begin to disappear in the neighbors. So all their tolerance is played, they all quietly hate each other.

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