The whole 20 seconds rebooted

Assistant US Secretary of State Stuart Jones found himself in an awkward position during a press conference at the State Department.

He was asked to explain why the US criticized the Iranian elections and their ideas about democracy, but they do not do this with regard to Saudi Arabia.

Jones stood almost a 20-second pause before a brief reply, but he did not give a clear answer.

He said that during this trip the US achieved significant progress in relations with Saudi Arabia and partners in the global coalition, and also made a strong statement against extremism.

ANSWER to the question no

Then he added that one of the sources of extremism and terrorism is coming from Iran, and the Iranian authorities do not react in any way to the electorate of their country.

ANSWER about Saudi Arabia did not sound the same either

Instead of a resume.

The fast was not about Saudi Arabia or Iran. And the falsity and duplicity of all US policy. On the masculine qualities and moral appearance of the beings who rule America.

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